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Complete your Booking of Jaipur to Ajmer Taxi Service with Maharani Cab Jaipur. We offer the Best Efficient and pocket-friendly services that fits for everyone.

The distance between these two cities is around 150 km’s, and you can even make the same day trip from Jaipur to Ajmer. So kindly have a look at our car rental packages below and choose the one which is most suitable for you or call me at
+91 98283 81224 for any information for Jaipur Ajmer car hire service.

1 - 2 Days

Standard Rate

2 - 5 Days

10% Discount

6 - 10 Days

15% Discount

10 - 15 Days

20% Discount

Above 15 Days

30% Discount

Free cancellation

People might need to cancel their tour because of many reasons that’s why we provide 1 hour free cancellation to all  the customers who has  booked our vehicles but if customers cancel the booked cab after an hour charges may apply as per terms and condition.

Theft Protection

Theft protection is a special type of cover which is provided by our company .Theft protection covers the cost of replacing the rental cars of tours if the car is stolen  during the rental period. You don’t need to pay for the lost car.

GPS on Every Vehicle

 You sometimes need to track the vehicle, Maharani cab offers GPS facility and  it creates visibility to the customers that where they are and the route on which they are travelling. .We  have  GPS tracking technology, you can  monitor vehicle speed, idling and routes . It also benefits for safety concerns .

Refueling Policy

Our company offer fuel, plus and a mileage of 60 miles and  there’s a per mile charge from just 25 INR/mile which I depend on your ride. customers may refuel the vehicle to same fuel level after picking up of the vehicle.

Book Online, by Phone, or In Person

Booking of cab from our company this is easiest task because we accept booking online, by phone call and by person who visit to the company.

Pick Up Vehicle or Request Pickup

Picking of vehicle or request the pick up of vehicle , we make this easiest for the costumers with full security. Maharani cab services are customers safety centric company.

Enjoy Unlimited Driving Miles

We come up with the unlimited miles services of the company. We are customer centric and offers the safest unlimited miles trip to our valuable customers.

Drop Off at Valid Location & Pay

At the valid location we drop off the costumer with safety. We make the rides of the customer hassle free by providing the best and experienced drivers .


The best car rental service

We're available at your service from our main office is in Jaipur, 6 service office in other cities of Rajasthan, New Delhi and Agra.

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