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Desert Safari Jaisalmer, a Tour in the Deserts of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer means “hill fort of Jaisal”. All the people call it “Golden City”. Because the fort is made up of yellow sand stone. Book the tour online and then you will get to learn about the historical land. The trip includes the activities like  Dune Bashing, Sand Boarding, Camel Riding.  We offers the most advanced  selection of Adventure Tours  in Jaisalmer. Our company is  the most trusted Tour Operator in the Jaipur,Rajasthan. We also recommend that  you should try one of our most popular tours. We can also organise your tour in a luxurious way if you demand. Top notch cabs you will get from our all tour  packages.  We provide extensive taxi and cab services in a reasonable rate all time.

Best time to visit the Jaisalmer is July to march.A perfect weekend it is  to go with  someone eaisly the city life and live in the desert. The below links blowing of windnights  flames of a bonfire and sweet melodious fading in the night. You can also enjoy a one-night stay on one of the from the  Sand dunes. You are going to also bonfire, and folk Music of Rajasthan & traditional dance performances!

1 - 2 Days

Standard Rate

2 - 5 Days

10% Discount

6 - 10 Days

15% Discount

10 - 15 Days

20% Discount

Above 15 Days

30% Discount

Free cancellation

Maharani cab offers free cancellation for the customers because sometimes customer has to postpone  tours or  some other issues.

Theft Protection

We offer theft protection for our valuable customers so they can easily travel to their destination without any worries of car stealing by thieves during the  rental period.

GPS on Every Vehicle

We have GPS on every vehicle so customer can easily track the activity of their rental car.

Refueling Policy

Our company offers refuelling policy when the rental car has no fuel after booking the cab and after  using the car so you have to refuel the car if needed.

Book Online, by Phone, or In Person

You can easily book our cabs online by phone call or visiting our company.

Pick Up Vehicle or Request Pickup

You can easily ask for picking up the vehicle or you can also ask for request pick up we will be available next to your door after booking the cab.

Enjoy Unlimited Driving Miles

We have many offers available for providing unlimited driving miles by which you don't need to worry of refueling the car.

Drop Off at Valid Location & Pay

You can easily pay the amount after the cab drop off you at your desired location.


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We're available at your service from our main office is in Jaipur, 6 service office in other cities of Rajasthan, New Delhi and Agra.

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