Jaisalmer tour

Maharani Cabs proudly offer its car rental service for guests planning to visit from Jaipur to Jodhpur Taxi Service via road. Jodhpur is both, a tourist and corporate city & we suggest all our guests to stay there for 2 days to explore some amazing tourist sites

We charge INR 2800 for this trip, and our driver will pick you from your home, hotel, railway station, airport or anywhere in the city (even in NCR region)

1 - 2 Days

Standard Rate

2 - 5 Days

10% Discount

6 - 10 Days

15% Discount

10 - 15 Days

20% Discount

Above 15 Days

30% Discount

Free cancellation

No need to rush we offer one hour free cancellation for the customers who wants to cancel their rides because of any reason. After  an hour you  can cancel the tour but charges  may apply as per terms and conditions .

Theft Protection

Theft protection facilities are provided by our company . In this protection you are safe from burglary, robbery  many other theft activities . In case you get any loss in the incident  then your all issues will be cured by our Maharani Cab services. 

GPS on Every Vehicle

Maharani cab provide GPS on every vehicle to make monitoring of vehicle easy for the customers. Customers can easily  detect where the vehicle is and they can easily get to know  where the cab is taking them . GPS facilities are provided for the safety concerns of the customers.

Refueling Policy

 You have to refuel the vehicle as per policy whenever  needed. We provide one full tank of the taxi but when it needed to be refuelled you have to pay the extra charges for the route . This policy applies when you add extra things in the tour packages.

Book Online, by Phone, or In Person

You can book the cabs online through websites , you can call our agents to book our tour packages or you can easily book cab by visiting our company.

Pick Up Vehicle or Request Pickup

Maharani cab taxi has easy pick up and request pickup facilities of vehicle . Customer can easily request pick up of vehicle and can enjoy hassle free rides.

Enjoy Unlimited Driving Miles

The customer is allowed to drive many miles or kilometres without paying extra charges and can enjoy the each and every moment of the ride without worries .

Drop Off at Valid Location & Pay

We provide facility of paying after the drop off or at the end of the ride . We take care of each and every thing of the customer and provide best taxi services beyond everything.


The best car rental service

We're available at your service from our main office is in Jaipur, 6 service office in other cities of Rajasthan, New Delhi and Agra.

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